MacroDroid – Device Automation v3.18.2 build 8065 PRO [Latest]

MacroDroid – Device Automation is a task automation and configuration app that focuses heavily on usability with a simpleUI and logical step by step process.

A few examples of what MacroDroid can automate:

• Turn on Wifi or Data connection when you launch a particular app (and off again when closed).
• Respond to an incoming SMS by sending your current location.
• Toggle the power button to tell you the time (e.g. when its in your pocket).
• Use NFC tags to configure the device (turn on bluetooth, set volume etc).


Added MacroDroid Drawer feature to provide easy shortcuts to various things (enable via Settings).
Added MacroDroid Drawer action.
Volume up/down trigger now supports long press option (requires accessibility enabled).
Option dialog action now supports a default action.
Fixed issue with stopwatch trigger not working correctly with variable.
Set variable user prompt action now supports magic text.
Added workaround for crash issue on Android 8 preview when using App Launched trigger.


MacroDroid – Device Automation (Free+, Google Play) →

Downloads : PRO features Unlocked | Maps work | Analytics Disabled

MacroDroid – Device Automation v3.18.2 build 8065 PRO / Mirror

MacroDroid – Device Automation v3.18.1 PRO / Mirror

MacroDroid – Device Automation v3.17.17 PRO / Mirror

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